Most of the children struggle to achieve academically and so we have several things running to assist.

We purchased 25 tablets on which children can access material to augment their schooling. We have put 14 computers on site for the children to use. Some now connected to the internet to research projects. Others just for Word processing etc.

We have reading programs running and times when home-work help is available.



Many of the families struggle to put food on the table on a daily basis. Many survive purely on social grants. During the holidays, the kids dont get the school feeding scheme food that they rely on and so many are hungry for most of the holiday.

We support at risk families and children on a regular basis.

We run a soup kitchen 3 days a week that feeds around 100 children each day.


Many families live in shacks that are built from old materials that cant keep the heavy winter rain and wind out. The roofs leak profusely and they are bitterly cold.

Over the years we have been blessed to be able to build over 20 new shacks for families in need.


The community is in real need of better medical care. Since the beginning of our involvement, we have helped numerous residents with ailments from appendicitis to ringworm to abscesses to help aquiring a wheelchair.

More recently we have launched a small clinic that provides help more regularly.


​A group of women meets with the younger girls from the community seeking to connect with and mentor them. 

Through Bible interaction, skills development, activities and conversations, they aim to influence them and encourage them to make wise decisions as they enter adolescence and the early adult years. This is a critical time in a young woman's life - a time when one is easily exploited and a time when poor decisions can derail a promising future. 

blanket warren.jpg


During the winter months we have collected blankets and sleeping bags to distribute to those in need.

We are blessed to receive regular donations of new or good quality second hand clothing which we "sell" at Jumble Sales from time to time or distribute free to those in real need.

At the Jumble Sales, residents buy clothing for between R2-R5 for 3 items at a time.



Since October 2015 we have run a church service every Sunday evening in the township. Attendance varies from 60 - 100 young people and we are blessed to have a variety of guest preachers as well as members of the Trust that teach and encourage and challenge us every week. The worship is awesome!

Before the service, Warren and Sungmin run a Children's Church attended by about 100 children each Sunday.


God created the world for us to enjoy too and so we try to make time to just hang out. play games, sing, dance and generally enjoy the journey of life together 



We run 4 Bible studies during the week. The younger soccer guys have a Bible study on Thursday afternoon with Ketani. The older girls meet Wednesday with Lwazikazi and Sungmin. The older guys meet Wednesdays with Charl and on Thursday evenings all can attend a group run by Paul and Steve Sam. 


Holidays are a time when the youth are hanging around looking for something exciting to do. It is a great time to play structured activities with them as well as to take the opportunity to connect and mentor and get to know what is going on in their lives .... all the while just having good clean fun!!


Sport has been a great way to connect with the youth in Klipheuwel. We play soccer with the guys and netball with the girls on Thursday afternoons.

In addition, we train several boys teams and 1 girls soccer team that take part in regional matches.

We have taught Jiu Jitsu and wrestling and now Tiisetsang, who grew up in that group, runs the classes himself - passing on the skills he has been taught.



We regularly take the young people away for camps. Time when we can spend a longer in connecting, teaching and just enjoying each others company away from the normal stresses of life.

We have run several boys and girls camps.