We have been very fortunate to partner with some wonderful individuals and businesses over the last few years.

In particular, we have received phenomenal support from:


  • the Cipla Foundation - David Greer

  • Building on Love - Peter and Nellie Rensburg

  • ITMI - Steve Evers

  • USA partners of Charl van Wyk

  • IRESS 

  • Mediheal (Korea)

  • Korean individuals and churches through Sungmin and Warren Holland

  • Help CT - Peter Keep (Australia)

  • Many individuals who support the soup kitchen, shack builds and other projects.

The Josiah Trust is established on a Biblical Christian foundation. Our activities have at their heart the belief that we bring honour to Jesus Christ when we love Him and love our fellow man.

We have a God given directive to look after those in need and to bear testimony of Him by word and action.

It is our hope that through the Josiah Trust we will train the minds and bodies of hundreds of South Africans, not only passing on a legacy of knowledge, ability and understanding but depositing Gospel truth in their hearts to save the soul of a nation.




We are aware that there is a much greater potential to serve these communities when we partner with generous indiviuals and businesses.

We are very grateful for donations of time, materials and money that have enabled us to build shacks, feed children, provide medical relief, provide blankets and clothing, run the soup kitchen, establish premises for an ECD, assist in education etc.